Looking to Avoid Some Common Pitfalls?

Although it is true that we learn most from our own mistakes, few would disagree that it can be much less painful to learn from the experiences of others. Here are the most important reasons cited by students who have withdrawn from Engineering as taken from the college of Engineering withdrawal surveys.

  1. Inadequate time management and study skills
  2. Financial concerns
  3. Uncertainty about career goals
  4. Personal Illness

Time Management and Study Skills

To get a handle on how you use your time, see Time Management - How Can I Get It All Done?. Also Time Management outlines a number of ways to avoid time wasters and includes "The Seven Habit of Highly Effective People". You may be surprised to know that among freshman, the single most important indicator of academic success is class attendance during the first semester. A student who resolves to attend and participate in class has already taken an important step.

Financial Concerns

If you need financial planning assistance, MSU's Student Financial Aid and Scholarships program provides counselors at (662) 325-2450 or (662) 325-3990. Many students participate in the Cooperative Education Program ((662) 325-3823) with very favorable results.

Career Goals

If you're having second thoughts about your selection of a career goal, check with your advisor, Ms. Josie Guerry. Often students select a discipline based on limited knowledge. Your advisor will want you to make the choice that is best for you and can provide information and contacts that can help. One such contact is MSU's Career Center which offers assistance to students in exploring or planning careers. Phone at (662) 325-3344.

Personal Illness

If you suffer from personal illness that interferes with your course work, it is important get help. The Longest Student Health Center at MSU is an easily accessible option for those students needing medical attention. Also, let your professor(s) and advisor know since this may make a significant difference later. Even if it is not your own illness or if it is a personal problem, it is a good idea to share this information with your advisor. Counseling Services can assist with problems dealing with time management, stress management, relationships, and host of other concerns that may affect your ability to achieve your goals. Phone at (662) 325-2091 or visit 115 Hathorn Hall.

Best of all, take a pro-active approach with regular physical activity. The Recreational Sports program at MSU and the Joe Frank Standerson Center offer outstanding opportunities to enhance your physical wellbeing.