Orientation Information

Orientation Information

These notes are intended as reminders of some of the important tips that you will be given verbally at orientation. Please feel free to call (662-325-3660) or email Ms. Josie Guerry if you have questions that are not addressed here or you if you need clarification of this information.

Computer Accounts and Email

If you have registered for an ECE course, or have just declared EE or CPE as your major, a computer account will be created for you on the Friday before classes begin. Accounts for students adding ECE classes during the add/drop period will be created on the Friday following their registration. For all these cases, students can pick up their account slips in the main ECE office, room 216 Simrall. The slip will have your account name and password. This account will be used by the ECE department for email communications and it is important that it be checked regularly. Please refer to ECE Student Accounts and Network Resources for an introduction to the ECE network and instructions on forwarding email.

Additionally, all students are asked to sign up for an MSU email account on the campus compute server called Ra. You will probably need to wait until early August before you will be allowed to do this. Please use the URL http://www.its.msstate.edu/email.html to set this up. There is information on this page about creating your account, reading email on this account and forwarding this email address to another address. The account that you create on Ra will be used for all correspondence with the CS department. Please check the email in this account regularly.


You will use the online banner system to register. Computers are provided in the PC LAB (Simrall 131) and in the CAD Lab (Simrall 135). During orientation, access to online registration can be obtained by logging into the ECE system using username: guest and a password provided by your advisor. You can also use your own PC if you have internet access. The URL is https://www.uis.msstate.edu. Please remember your NetPassword. It will initially be your six-digit birth date, but you will be asked to change it when you first use the system. You will also have a six digit Registration Access Code (RAC). This number is used only the first time that you access the registration system for each semester. This number will change each semester. RAC codes will only be issued after you have seen your advisor. Please look for email shortly after midterm each semester that will alert you that it is time to see your advisor for registration.


You may continue to make modifications to the schedule that you create today from now until after classes begin. The deadline to add or drop courses with no penalty can be found on the appropriate academic calendar at: http://www.registrar.msstate.edu/Calendars/academiccal.html Before trying to change sections of a class, you should always confirm that the section that you are trying to change to has openings. You should not assume that if you drop a section and cannot get in another section that you can get back your original seat. Classes may have been filled over the capacity so that if you drop, you cannot re-enroll without special permission.

Course Placement

Below is a summary of the guidelines used to place students in their first Math, English and Chemistry courses. These guidelines are aimed at moving the student through the program as smoothly and as quickly as possible. The wrong starting point will most likely cause extra delay and may jeopardize a students overall success. Note that honors or accelerated courses are optional.

Subject Prerequisite(s) Course
Math Math ACT > 30 MA 1713H (Honors Calculus I)
Math ACT > 26 or > C in MA 1323 or> C in MA 1453 MA 1713 (Calculus I)
Math ACT > 22 or > C in MA 1313 MA 1453 (Precalculus)
Math ACT > 24 or > C in MA 1313 MA 1323 (Trigonometry)
Math ACT > 20 or > C in MA 0103 MA 1313 (College Algebra)
Math ACT < 20 MA 0103 (Intermediate Algebra)
English English ACT > 32 EN 1103H (Honors Comp. I)
English ACT > 29 EN 1163 (Accelerated Comp. I)
English ACT > 19 or > C in EN 0103 EN 1103 (Comp. I)
English ACT < 19 EN 0103 (Basic English)
Chemistry Placement Exam CH 1213 or CH 1043 (Fund. of- or General-Chemistry)

*MA 1453 is the preferred prerequisite for MA 1713 (Calculus I) for engineering students.


The math recommendation on your enrollment form should be taken seriously. Refer to 1998 & 1999 Incoming CPE & EE Freshmen Math Statistics to see how students have actually done relative to the guidelines. If you know of some reason that the math recommendation may not be valid, talk it over with Ms. Josie Guerry or Dr. Harden before changing.


The chemistry class that CPE and EE programs require is CH 1213. If no seats are available in CH 1213, please enroll in the section of CH 1043 that meets at the time that you would like to take 1213. The first day of class in both 1043 and 1213, there will be a placement exam. Please be on time and take your calculator and a #2 pencil to your first CH 1043 or CH 1213 class. Review your high school chemistry so that you are prepared to preform well on the placement exam. Based on your performance on this exam, you will be enrolled in the appropriate chemistry class. If the exam indicates that you need to take CH 1043 before taking CH 1213, then you will need to do this and enroll in CH 1213 the next semester. CH 1211 is the lab that is associated with CH 1213. It need not be taken the same semester as CH 1213, although it is encouraged. CH 1043 does not have a lab.

Common exams will be given on Tuesday evenings during the semester (not referring to the placement exam, but normal tests throughout the semester). These exams will be given from 7:30-9:00 p.m. and your professor will give you the exam dates at the beginning of the semester. Do not enroll in classes which meet after 7:00 p.m. on Tuesdays.

Computer Requirement

All new freshman and new transfer students beginning after fall 1999 are required to own a laptop computer. If you are a new freshman, or you are a transfer student who first enrolled in a post secondary institution in fall 1999 or later, this requirement applies to you. The minimum requirements for this laptop can be found at:


If you are not yet ready to start in your Intro to ECE or Computer Science classes, please talk with Ms. Josie Guerry or Dr. Harden about the best purchase time for your computer. The College of Engineering at MSU has negotiated some special prices with Dell and Howard Computer Corporations. There are links to both of these from the above URL. You need not buy a computer through them, but you will need to make sure that your computer meets the minimum specifications listed for this year.