CPE Technical Electives

Students of the Computer Engineering undergraduate program are required to complete six hours of CPE Technical Electives. Students must select three credit hours from the ECE and CSE Course List shown below. The remaining three hours of CPE Technical Electives can be selected from the Expanded List, including upper-level Math, Physics, and Engineering courses.

ECE and CSE Course List

  • ECE Courses

    • Approved 3000-level ECE courses:
      • Solid State Electronics (ECE 3213)
      • Electromagnetics I (ECE 3313)
      • Electromagnetics II (ECE 3323)
      • Fundamentals of Energy Systems (ECE 3614)
    • Approved 4000-level ECE courses:
      • Students may choose from any of the 4000-level ECE courses offered, with the following exceptions:
        • ECE 4512 - EE Design I
        • ECE 4522 - EE Design II
        • ECE 4532 - CPE Design I
        • ECE 4542 - CPE Design II
        • ECE 4713 - Computer Architecture
        • ECE 4743 - Digital System Design
        • ECE 4833 - Data Communications & Computer Networks

    In addition to the ECE courses regularly offered, students wishing to obtain elective credit in areas of study where no formal courses are offered, a Directed Individual Study course may be pursued. These courses require mutual agreement between the student and faculty member with regard to topic, objective(s), scope, deliverables, and method(s) of evaluation . DIS courses require that the student initiate the pursuit of such beginning a minimum of two months in advance of the start of the term in which the coursework is to be completed. No more than one DIS may be applied as a CPE Technical Elective.

  • CSE Courses

    • Approved 3000-level CSE courses:
      • Students may choose from any combination of 3000-level CSE courses totaling three hours or more with the exception of CSE 3324.
      • Approved 4000-level CSE courses:
        • Students may choose from any of the 4000-level CSE courses offered, with the following exceptions:
          • CSE 4153 - Data Communications and Computer Networks
          • CSE 4733 - Operating Systems
          • CSE 4833 - Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms

Expanded List of CPE Technical Electives

  • Additional 3000-level courses:
    • ASE 3333 - AeroThermodynamics
    • IE 3913 - Engineering Economy I
    • MA 3053 - Foundations of Math I *
    • MA 3163 - Introduction to Modern Algebra *
    • MA 3353 - Differential Equations II *
    • MA 3463 - Foundations of Geometry *
    • ME 3113 - Engineering Analysis
    • ME 3513 - Thermodynamics I
    • PH 3613 - Modern Physics
  • Additional 4000-level courses:
    • All 4000-level courses within the Bagley College of Engineering or with an MA prefix, with the following exceptions:
      • MA 4133 - Discrete Mathematics
      • MA 4243 - Data Analysis I
      • MA 4513 - Applied Probability and Statistics for Secondary School Teachers
      • MA 4523 - Introduction to Probability
      • MA 4533 - Introductory Probability and Random Processes
      • MA 4543 - Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I
    • Other 4000-level courses which may be selected include:
      • PH 4213 - Intermediate Mechanics I
      • PH 4513 - Intermediate Optics

* CPE students intending to earn a Mathematics Minor should select the final math course according to the stipulations shown under the Mathematics Minor section.

Study Abroad

Students who participate in the Fred and Sara Jean Burke Study Abroad Program through the Bagley College of Engineering and successfully complete the technical courses required may apply on of these three hour credits as a CPE Elective.

As always, students must meet all course prerequisites. Contact the major advisor for additional information.