CPE Curriculum Changes (Effective Summer 2001)

In March 2001 the University Committee for Courses and Curricula approved two curriculum changes. These changes do not affect the number of hours in the program, but address issues associated with program flexibility and CPE Design.

Free Elective

Hum/Soc Sci/Fine Arts (3 credit hours) is removed and a Free Elective (3 credit hours) is added.

This program change allows students to obtain 3 hours credit while fulfilling optional requirements such as a new entrepreneurship certificate program or a math minor. The slot can be used for FE exam preparation or an additional technical elective selection. It can remain a humanity, social science or fine art. As a free elective it can be any course that is not remedial to the program. Phase-in is immediate.

CPE Design

Technical Elective (3 credit hours) and ECE 4521 CPE Design (1 credit hour) are removed and ECE 4532 CPE Design I (2 credit hours) and ECE 4542 CPE Design II (2 credit hours) is added.

Additional credit is being placed on the senior design experience and entrepreneurship. Phase-in for the senior design change is as follows: students graduating in 2002 will have a choice of old or new CPE design options, while students graduating after 2002 will use the 2-course sequence. CPE Design I will be offered in fall 2001 under the temporary number ECE 4990-02.

In addition to the two program changes, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has revised its humanities, social sciences, and fine arts approved list.

Humanities/Social Sciences/Fine Arts Approved List

The list of approved humanities, social sciences, and fine arts has been updated for global emphasis. Phase-in begins following the spring 2001 semester. Those students with a sequence or sequences begun in or prior to the spring 2001 semester may finish those started under the old approved list.