Free Elective

Students may choose nearly any course or combination of courses totaling three credit hours or more offered at MSU for the Free Elective. The only exception is that students may not choose remedial courses (courses which are prerequisite to required or previously completed courses)

Campus-wide, there exists many options for the Free Elective. A few examples of how some students have satisfied this elective in the past are shown below.

  • ACC 2013 Principles of Financial Accounting
  • CO 3833 Interviewing
  • COE 4513 Paraprofessionals in Student Affairs
  • FIN 2003 Personal Money Management
  • FLJ 2133 Japanese III
  • GE 3011 Engineering Entrepreneurship Seminar for three separate semesters
  • LSK 1023 College Reading/Study Skills
  • MU 2511 Marching Band for three separate semesters
  • PE 1041 Aerobics, PE 1221 Volleyball, and PE 1221 Tennis

As always, students must meet all course prerequisites. Contact the major advisor for additional information.