Two significant changes to the EE program of study have recently been approved. Depending upon which course(s) you have completed or will complete by the end of the current spring 2001 term, either one, both, or neither of these changes may apply to you as a current student in our program. Please note that the total number of hours required for the degree (132) will be left unchanged as a result of these modifications. Details regarding these two changes are shown below.

Computer Programming

Computer Science I and FORTRAN Programming Laboratory have been removed from the program of study. These five credit hours are being replaced with Computer Programming with C and a newly developed course titled "Software Tools for Electrical Engineers." This new software tools course will be a survey of topics utilizing UNIX-based platforms and will include C++, Perl, and other UNIX tools. As a two-hour course, it will meet one day per week in lecture, and one day per week as a laboratory. The prerequisites of this course are: 1.) Computer Programming with C or Computer Science I, and 2.) Digital Devices & Logic Design.


CS 1314 Computer Science I CS 1233 Computer Programming – C
CS 3041 FORTRAN Programming Lab ECE 3732 Software Tools for EEs
5 Total Hours 5 Total Hours

As a current EE student, the table below is designed to assist you in determining how these computer programming changes will affect your particular program requirements.

If You Have Credit For:
Then You Should Take: Or You May Instead Take: (adding (x) hours to degree)
CS 1233 and ECE 3732 -
CS 1233
ECE 3732 -
CS 1314
CS 3041 ECE 3732 (1)
CS 3041
CS 1314 CS 1233 and ECE 3732 (1)
CS 1233 and CS 1314
CS 3041
ECE 3732 (1)
CS 1314 and CS 3041 - ECE 3732 (2)
CS 1233 and CS 3041 CS 1314 ECE 3732 (1)
CS 1233, CS 1314, and CS 3041
ECE 3732 (2)


If you plan to register for the software Tools course this fall 2001 term, please note that the course is currently listed in the web registration system as ECE 2990–01, with sections –02 and –03 being the laboratories. Please register for the lecture and one section of the lab. Once the fall 2001 term is underway, the course number will change to ECE 3732 and your transcript will indicate the proper symbol, name, and number for the software tools course. Also, students must have laptop computers in order to enroll in the software tools course.

Professional Enrichment Elective

The Humanities/Social Science/Fine Arts Elective is being removed from the program of study. This three credit-hour course is being replaced by a three credit-hour "Professional Enrichment Elective." This elective has been added to the program to allow students greater flexibility in course selection. The elective supports a number of options including a certificate program in either materials or entrepreneurship, professional engineering exam (FE) preparation, various minors including Mathematics and Computer Science, and additional engineering design courses.

Hum./Soc. Sci./Fine Arts Elective Professional Enrichment Elective
3 Hours 3 Hours


Students who anticipate scheduling this elective should check with their advisor prior to enrolling.

Humanities/Social Sciences/Fine Arts Approved List

The list of approved humanities, social sciences, and fine arts has been updated for global emphasis. Phase-in begins following the spring 2001 semester. Those students with a sequence or sequences begun in or prior to the spring 2001 semester may finish those started under the old approved list.