Communications and Signal Processing

This area includes research development in signal, image, and speech processing; radar detection; estimation; and communication theory. Research efforts, sponsored by the DoD, NASA, TI, ARPA, and the Linguistic Data Consortium, include:

  • Analysis of the NASA TDRSS Downlink

  • conducts performance studies of alternate coding schemes to more efficiently combat the types of errors known to exist
  • Coding for High-Speed Digital Communications

  • develops efficient coding schemes for wireless digital communication applications
  • Adaptive FSK/PSK Radar

  • studies a spectrally agile pulse compression radar that learns target-specific information over time and integrates the information into the generation of radar signals in real-time.
  • A Sun SPARCstation-Based Data Collection Platform

  • develops a Unix-based platform for speech data collection based on an open-architecture design
  • Software Development for Bandwidth Correction of Waveforms measured with Band-Limited Instruments

  • develops data enhancement techniques for transient measurements that have the capability to extract usable waveforms resulting in greater productivity and lower research cost
  • Acoustic Monitoring of Global Ocean Climate

  • conducts research visualization of ocean models and acoustic propagation paths