Research in Electromagnetics has focused on computational techniques that allow engineers to model complicated structures, which cannot be studied analytically, to provide a better understanding of the basic physical phenomena of the resulting electromagnetic fields. Projects, sponsored by DoD, MRC, UIE, and Phillips Laboratory, include:

  • The Interaction of a Conducting Cylindrical Body with a Transient Electromagnetic Field

  • simulates the interaction of a missile-like structure with a wideband incident electromagnetic pulse
  • The Scattered Electromagnetic Field of a Buried Conductor in a Stratified Medium

  • develops a code to compute the scattered electromagnetic field of a conducting body buried in a multilayer lossy soil given plane
  • Numerical Analysis of Radiators for Impulse-Like Transients

  • numerically evaluates the performance of antennas suitable for radiating wideband signals
  • High Frequency Analysis of the Ellipticus Antenna and HSI Facility

  • performs high frequency modeling of the Ellipticus antenna and HSI facility for illuminating test objects and evaluating the electromagnetic shielding performance