High Voltage and Power Systems

High voltage research and service projects are conducted at MSU's High Voltage Laboratory. Following is a summary of the current research projects sponsored by electric utilities, TVA, and ONR.

  • Lightning Protection of Electrical Power Systems

    improves lightning protection of transmission and distribution lines and substations
  • Critical Flashover Voltage of Composite Insulation

    determines lightning impulse strength of composite insulation and develops method for such insulation design
  • Intelligent Control of Power Systems

    develops intelligent loadfrequency control systems that can be used in the deregulated power generation market
  • Transients, Harmonics, and Power Quality

    considers the power system under abnormal or undesirable conditions
  • Inhibition of Biofouling with Pulsed Acoustics

    investigates environmentally compatible pulsed acoustic techniques for preventing marine organisms from fouling shipboard piping systems