ECE Undergraduate Students Chosen to Present Papers at Progress in Electromagnetic Research Symposium

Hood, Fortinberry, Topsakal, Hicks
(left to right)

The Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS), an international conference for Applied Electormagnetics, recently held it annual conference in Pisa, Italy on March 28-31. Three papers submitted by ECE students were as follows:

  • "Efficient Filtering Application of Frequency Selective Volumes in Near-Infrared Region", Aaron Hood
  • "The Effect of Electromagnetic Coupling on Microstrip Filters in Enclosures Using a Hybrid FE-BI/SPICE Approach", Jarrod Fortinberry
  • "Finite Element-Boundary Integral Method for the Accurate Analysis of Double Negative (DNG) Materials, Ashley Hicks

All three undergraduate students from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department were selected for oral presentation. These students were Ashley Hicks of Madison, AL, Aaron Hood of Senatobia, MS, and Jarrod Fortinberry of Summit, MS. The students were advised by Assistant Professor, Dr. Erdem Topsakal. ECE and the Bagley College Women in Engineering Program supported Hicks and Fortinberry to presented their research findings along with Dr. Topsakal.