ECE Students Visit TVA Substation

ECE students at TVA

Senior power students who have been studying power transformers, capacitors, transmission lines and inductors on paper had a chance to see high voltage power system equipment up close and in person by touring a local transmission level substation. Twenty-two ECE seniors and graduate students in the power area donned hard hats and toured TVA’s 500 kV substation on November 15. TVA Engineer Bruce Dziedzic provided an excellent tour of the substation yard and the control house.

Touring the substation yard, students were able to see the high voltage (500 kV) lines and transformers that supply power to most of northeastern Mississippi. Students also saw shunt capacitors and reactors that are used to provide compensation to help control the voltage on the power system as the load fluctuates.

Inside the control house, students learned about how data and measurements are collected via various communication media within the substation and then monitored both locally in the control house as well as sent to TVA’s main control center in Chattanooga. Also inside the control center students saw new and old protection equipment that is used to detect and minimize the impact of faults on other equipment within the substation.

This substation tour sponsored by TVA is part of TVA’s increased involvement in the ECE Department at MSU. TVA has provided funding for a graduate fellowship and endowed professorship. Additionally, TVA has provided framed pictures of power system facilities for Simrall. TVA also sponsored a two-day trip for ECE students to its facilities in Muscle Shoals and Chattanooga in February of 2005. Support from companies like TVA is essential in helping the ECE department allow students to experience state-of-the-art engineering opportunities in the field.