James L. Flanagan Seminar Series

The New AT&T: Vision of the Future

Richard V. Cox
Vice President, IP & Voice Services Research, AT&T Labs

Monday, November 13, 2006
3:00pm, Simrall Auditorium

Dr. Richard V. Cox

Abstract: The telecom industry is emerging from its 'nuclear winter', the aftermath of its meltdown when the dot-com bubble burst. The landscape has changed. The disparate worlds of voice, data, and video have merged. All three services run on a common Internet Protocol-based network. Each of the services is increasingly provided on the three screens that matter most to consumers - television, PC, and wireless device. This talk gives an overview of some of the emerging technologies and research initiatives that are making these new services possible for AT&T customers. At the core of our research organization is aggregate analysis of the everyday everyday data that is produced by AT&T's network in meeting the needs and requirements of its customers. This data allows us to detect the latest worms and virus attacks (security), detect fraud (cost control), and analyze why IVR systems aren't working and how to improve them (customer satisfaction), among other key research functions. In doing this work, both applied and theoretical research problems are generated. Their solutions are valuable to AT&T and the industry as a whole. Scale is a dominant issue in nearly all of our investigations, because we operate a very large, global network, with higher-layer services, such as content distribution and hosting, also spread across the globe, and tens of millions of customers.

Richard V. Cox joined the Acoustics Research Department of Bell Laboratories in 1979. He has conducted research in the areas of speech coding, digital signal processing, analog voice privacy, audio coding, real-time signal processing implementations, speech recognition, and speech enhancement. He is well known for his work in speech coding standards. He collaborated on the low-delay CELP algorithm that became ITU-T Recommendation G.728 in 1992. He managed the ITU effort that resulted in the creation of ITU-T Rec. G.723.1 in 1995. In 1992 he was appointed Department Head of the Speech Coding Research Department of AT&T Bell Labs. In 1996 he joined AT&T Labs as Division Manager of the Speech Processing Software and Technology Research Department. In August 2000 he was appointed Speech and Image Processing Services Research Vice President. He is currently IP & Voice Services Research Vice President. Dr. Cox is a Fellow of the IEEE and is Past President of the IEEE Signal Processing Society. In 1999 he was awarded the AT&T Science and Technology Medal and in 2000 the IEEE Third Millennium Medal. For 2006-2007 he serves as Division IX Director on the IEEE Board of Directors. In addition to his IEEE service, he has been a long time member of the National Board of Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic, the only US provider of textbooks and reference books for people with print disabilities. At RFB&D he helped lead the effort to develop digital books combining audio, text, images, and graphics for their consumers. These 'multimedia books' became generally available in September 2002 for RFB&D K-14 students throughout the US. He currently serves as Chairman of RFB&D's National Board and co-chairs their Strategic Planning efforts.