NSF-Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) Grant Awarded to MSU

Dr. Yaroslav Koshka

ECE Associate Professor, Yaroslav Koshka is part of an interdisciplinary team of researchers who have been awarded a $400K NSF-MRI equipment grant for the purchase of a multi-user, high resolution, research grade X-ray Diffractometer (XRD). The XRD will be used in characterization of electronic thin films, residual stresses, crystal lattice structure, phase identification, and texture mapping to support research and education.

The team of co-investigators include: Dr. Koshka, Dr. Judy Schneider an associate professor of Mechanical Engineering, who composed the winning grant proposal, Dr. Alicia Beatty, assistant professor of Chemistry, Dr. Leo Lynch, associate professor of GeoSciences, and Dr. Charles Pittman, Jr., professor of Chemistry. These researchers are involved in various research grants for the synthesis and characterization of various materials in support of research grants sponsored by: NASA-MSFC, ASEE, ACS-PRF, NSF, STTR, EPA, DOE, ONR, AFRL, and DoD.

The XRD will be housed in the Electron Microscopy Center, directed by Dr. Giselle Thibaudeau, a University supported centralized imaging facility used by faculty and researchers in both Life Sciences and Engineering.

The investigators are all members of the Bagley College of Engineering sponsored Materials Working Group at MSU, chaired by Dr. Judy Schneider. The interdiscipinary group is comprised of over 50 members from Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, and the GeoSciences Departments. The goal of the Materials Working Group is to promote Materials Science at MSU by co-teaching of courses and co-investigative research projects.