Electrical and Computer Engineering SECON Team Takes IEEE Region 3 Championship

SECON Team, 2007

We Are the Champions!

Electrical and computer engineering students built a robot for the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Southeast Region 3 Conference (SECON) 2007 competition. Thirty-seven student teams from the southeast region were asked to build a robot that could play a modified version of say ping-pong, tennis, and basketball.

The independently operated robot stands about a foot tall and uses computer code and sensors to move within the white line boundaries that looks much like that of a tennis court or ping-pong table. Staying inbounds on the court, the robot then uses a camera to recognize a basketball hoop that is painted red. The camera computer program talks to the motion code of the robot to let it know when it is lined up to shoot a ping-pong ball into the basketball hoop. The team with the robot shooting the most balls into the basket in the quickest amount of time advances to the next round of competition.

The double elimination tournament was set-up much like the NCAA "Road to the Final Four." The BCoE student team's robot won 12 rounds of competition to capture the IEEE REGION 3 CHAMPIONSHIP title.

Team Members:

  • Benjamin Payment, captain, senior, electrical engineering
  • David Warren, senior, computer engineering
  • Ryan Irwin, senior, computer engineering
  • Michael Peach, senior, computer engineering
  • Austin Walton, senior, computer engineering
  • Heather Hickman, senior, electrical engineering
  • Evan Dozier, senior, computer engineering
  • Jeffrey Fairley, senior computer engineering
  • Dr. Bryan Jones, faculty adviser