ECE to be Well-Represented at High-Voltage Research Conference

Stan Grzybowski

Mississippi State's high-voltage laboratory director will help lead an international conference in China on high-voltage engineering and its applications.

Stan Grzybowski of the university's department of electrical and computer engineering will serve as co-chair for the 2008 International Conference on High Voltage Engineering and Application in November. Organized with the assistance of MSU, the gathering takes place at Chongqing University in the city of the same name.

"I'm honored to be selected as co-chair of this conference and look forward to discussing a range of topics relating to high-voltage engineering topics with colleagues from around the world," said Grzybowski.

Grzybowski, who holds the Mississippi Power Endowed Professorship in the Bagley College of Engineering, said Sarah Rajala, head of the electrical and computer engineering department and another member of the conference executive committee, also will attend.

Mississippi State's high-voltage laboratory is the largest of its kind at a U.S. university, Grzybowski said. Housed in the Simrall Electrical Engineering Building, the facility serves as an independent, non-industrial center for high-voltage research and evaluation.

In addition to Grzybowski and Rajala, MSU has other direct connections to the conference leadership. J. Li, one of the meeting's executive directors, spent the 2005-06 academic year in Starkville as a visiting professor. Now head of Chongqing's high-voltage engineering department, he has co-authored conference research papers and academic journal articles with Grzybowski. Another Chongqing professor, R. Liao, vice dean of its engineering college, spent a year at MSU as a visiting professor at the high voltage laboratory.

Since the conference is drawing participants from around the world, English will serve as the formal conference language for all printed materials, presentations and discussions.