ECE Students' Robot Grabs Building Blocks of Competition Success

Tutku Karacolak

Congratulations to Tutku Karacolak, a Ph.D. student in EE and a member of the ECE Electromagnetic Research Group, in securing a 3rd place in the Student Paper Competition at the 2008 International Microwave Symposium. Out of the 225 student papers received, only 31 papers were selected for presentations. All papers went through the regular review process by the Technical Program Committee prior to the selection. All student finalists presented their papers at their appropriate regular sessions and made special presentations at the Interactive Forum last Tuesday, where all a group of judges evaluated all finalists. Some of the schools included Georgia Tech, UCLA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Arizona State, Purdue, NC State, Stanford, Cal Tech, University of Florida, etc.