MSU Engineering Professor named EPSRC Visiting Researcher in United Kingdom

Dr. Noel Schulz with $600,000 Power System Simulator

Dr. Noel Schulz, TVA Endowed Professor of Power Systems Engineering from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering program at Mississippi State University has been awarded support from the United Kingdom (UK) Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) as a Visiting Researcher at Cardiff University in Cardiff, Wales. Dr. Schulz is on sabbatical at Cardiff University for the fall semester 2008 working with Professor Manu Haddad in the Cardiff School of Engineering.

The EPSRC Visiting Researcher program allows “support for engineers of acknowledged standing, either from within the UK or aboard,” to visit a UK organization. Funds from the grant included research funds for equipment and resources for Dr. Schulz’s project at Cardiff, travel funds for visiting other UK universities and organizations and living expenses during her stay at Cardiff.

Dr. Schulz’s activities during her stay in the UK have related to three main objectives. The first objective related to participation in several ongoing research projects at Cardiff. One of these projects is looking at the impacts of transients from switching related to domestic distributed generation including solar cells, ultracapacitors and batteries.

The second objective was for Professor Schulz to visit with researchers within the School of Engineering at Cardiff to identify synergies between MSU and Cardiff University. As part of this effort, she and Professor Haddad will submit a National Science Foundation Partnerships in International Research and Education proposal to create a formal program between Cardiff and MSU. The Cardiff School of Engineering and the Bagley College of Engineering signed a memo of understanding in 2007 to work on research collaborations and faculty and student exchanges to promote activities at both institutions.

The third objective was for Dr. Schulz to explore activities within the UK related to power systems educational and research. Of particular interest was to see the best practices related to the IET Power Academy and EPSRC-sponsored Power Networks Research Academy. Dr. Schulz presented research seminars and had collaborative discussions at four Power Academy schools, Cardiff University, University of Strathclyde, University of Manchester and Queen’s University-Belfast. She was also able to participate in a meeting at the Royal Academy of Engineering related to Diversity in Engineering.