Digital Systems and Microelectronics

The digital systems and microelectronics faculty at Mississippi State University have expertise and perform research in topics covering every level of the computing and electronics community, from novel electronics device materials to device design to circuits to architectures and system design. The range of expertise of the faculty and the synergistic overlap makes MSU the one-stop shop to go for digital systems and microelectronics. As the cost of computing drops ever lower, new applications will demand on-board computing. These new applications will present new challenges as we deploy computing into applications involving extreme environments and low-power, wireless, and inaccessible design constraints. All of these challenges must be addressed concurrently for success to be possible The digital systems and microelectronics faculty at MSU are working together to make the ubiquitous computing system of tomorrow possible.

Specific Expertise of Faculty: (Generally from low- to high-abstraction levels)

  • Yaroslav Koshka:

  • Multidisciplinary topics of defect engineering and characterization for semiconductor materials, optical spectroscopy, semiconductor materials growth, computational fluid dynamics simulation, and semiconductor device physics/design/simulation. The main focus is on wide bandgap electronics including silicon carbide (SiC) for high-power, high-frequency, high-temperature, and high-radiation applications.

  • Raymond Winton:

  • Nanotechnology and MOS device modeling. RFIC (RF integrated circuits) and RFID (RF identification), with an emphasis on commercialization of these technologies in medical electronics and supply chain management.

  • Bryan Jones:

  • Robotics, real-time control system implementation, rapid prototyping for real-time systems, and modeling and analysis of mechatronic systems.

  • Robert B. Reese:

  • Asynchronous signaling/computing, VLSI CAD (Computer-Aided Design) tools and environments, and embedded systems including wireless sensor networks using IEEE 802.15.4 and Zigbee

  • J.W. Bruce:

  • Data converter architecture design for sensing systems. Embedded systems for sensing and wireless sensor networks. System management for low-power embedded systems. Object-oriented embedded system architectures and design. Rapid-prototyping of application specific embedded systems.

  • Sherif Abdelwahed:

  • Model-based design of self-managing systems using control-theoretic techniques and model-integrated computing concepts. Modeling and analysis of distributed real-time systems, automated verification, and fault diagnosis techniques.