Flowchart & Electives

Freshman Year - Fall Semester

CH 1211Invest. in Chemistry I1
CH 1213Fundamentals of Chemistry I3
CSE 1284Intro. to Computer Programming *4
EN 1103English Composition I3
MA 1713Calculus I *3
ECE 1013Intro to ECE Design I *3
Total Credit Hours17

Freshman Year - Spring Semester

ECE 1022Intro to ECE Design II *2
CSE 1384Interm. Computer Programming *4
EN 1113English Composition II3
MA 1723Calculus II *3
PH 2213Physics I *3
Humanities Elective ~3
Total Credit Hours18

Sophomore Year - Fall Semester

CSE 2383Data Structures & Analysis Alg *3
ECE 3714Digital Devices & Logic Design *4
MA 2733Calculus III *3
MA 3113Linear Algebra*3
PH 2223Physics II 3
Total Credit Hours16

Sophomore Year - Spring Semester

ECE 3423
ECE 3421
Circuits I *
Circuits I Lab *
ECE 3724Microprocessors *4
MA 2743Calculus IV3
MA 3253Differential Equations I *3
Social Science Elective ~3
Total Credit Hours17

Junior Year - Fall Semester

ECE 3244Electronics I *4
ECE 3313Electromagnetics I *3
ECE 3433Circuits II * 3
ECE 3614Fund. of Energy Systems *4
Social Science Elective ~3
Total Credit Hours17

Junior Year - Spring Semester

ECE 3323Electromagnetics II *3
ECE 3443Signals & Systems *3
ECE 4xx3EE Technical Elective3
IE 4613Engineering Statistics I3
EM 2413/ME 3513Eng. Mech. I/Thermo3
Total Credit Hours15

Senior Year - Fall Semester

EE Tech. Elective ~3
ECE 4512EE Capstone Design I *2
GE 3513Technical Writing *3
Engineering Science Elective*3
Fine Arts Elective ~3
Total Credit Hours14

Senior Year - Spring Semester

ECE 4522EE Capstone Design II *2
EE Tech. Elective ~3
EE Tech. Elective ~3
Humanities Elective ~3
Professional Enrichment Elective*3
Total Credit Hours14

* Critical pathway courses
~ Humanities, Social Sciences, Fine Arts, Free, Engineering Science, Professional Enrichment and EE Technical Electives to be selected from respective ECE-approved lists and in consultation with an advisor. In addition, EE Technical Elective selections must satisfy the Breadth and Depth Policy.