CPE Advising

The ECE Academic Coordinator, Alison Stamps, is responsible for advising Computer Engineering undergraduates throughout their program at MSU. In addition to general advising, Ms. Alison Stamps assists students in their initial orientation session as well as regular preregistration periods during the spring and fall terms once students are enrolled.

Students making changes in their major must also see Ms. Alison Stamps. This is necessary in order to evaluate the student's grade qualifications to make the change, allow a discussion of career choices, and evaluate of the student's experiences within the Computer Engineering program.

Approximately midway through the program, additional formal advising is required. Students enrolled in ECE 3244 Electronics I must schedule an appointment with a Computer Engineering faculty advisor prior to the next preregistration and complete an advising worksheet. A faculty member from either the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering or the Department of Computer Science and Engineering will serve as an upper-level advisor in addition to Ms. Alison Stamps.

Students are encouraged to use the CPE flowchart and a current CAPP compliance report as planning tools for their curriculums. CAPPs can be run in your student myState/Banner account. Students will receive an email early to mid term with advising information for registration release. A combination of group and individual advising is employed to ensure all students have and adequate advising experience.

Upon declaration of Computer Engineering, students will also see an ECE Advising Hub added as a course in their Canvas classroom account. Additional resources are posted there.