Computer Systems and Microelectronics

The digital systems and microelectronics faculty at Mississippi State University have expertise and perform research in a wide range of topics covering every level of the computing, communication and electronics community; specialties include novel electronics device materials, robotics, embedded systems, and engineering education. The range of expertise of the faculty and the synergistic overlap enables the group to address complex challenges in the area of digital systems and microelectronics. As the cost of computing drops ever lower, new applications will demand on-board computing. These new applications will present new challenges as we deploy computing into applications involving extreme environments and low-power, wireless, and inaccessible design constraints. All of these challenges must be addressed concurrently for success to be possible The digital systems and microelectronics faculty at MSU are working together to make the ubiquitous computing system of tomorrow possible.

Specific Expertise of Faculty

  • Bryan Jones
    Literate programming, interactive e-textbooks, engineering education, embedded systems, and capstone design.
  • Samee Khan
    Optimization, robustness, and security of computer systems.
  • Yaroslav Koshka
    Multidisciplinary topics of quantum Information science (QIS), quantum computing (QC) and its applications in Machine Learning. Experimental and computational semiconductor device physics and nanoelectronics. Electronic materials, semiconductors. Material and device characterization, optical/laser spectroscopy.
  • Chaomin Luo
    Multidisciplinary research interests include embedded systems, optimization for VLSI CAD, robotics, autonomous vehicle systems and control, applied machine learning for robotics, computational intelligence, and intelligent systems. Currently, the main focuses are on embedded systems and sensors for robotics design, and applied machine learning for autonomous systems.
  • Yu Luo
    Research interests include the Internet of Things, sustainable wireless networks, cyber-physical systems, intelligent healthcare services for animals, and underwater acoustic communications. Current focuses are on emerging security issues in sustainable wireless networks and environment-friendly acoustic communications.
  • Jean Mohammadi-Aargh
    Engineering education, engineering skill development, pedagogical uses of digital systems, broadening participation in engineering and computing.
  • Jane Moorhead
    FPGA accelerators of CNN-based object detection algorithms for maritime applications, engineering education.