Communications and Electromagnetics

The Communications and Electromagnetics includes faculty interested in antennae, microwaves, computational electromagnetics, and wireless communications, and networking.

Specific Expertise of Faculty

  • Junming Diao
    Computational electromagnetics, radar, electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic properties of composite materials, lightning protection
  • Ryan Green
    Smart-city communication, Internet of Things, optically transparent communication devices, wireless medical telemetry
  • Mehmet Kurum
    Microwave and millimeter-wave remote sensing, signals of opportunity, machine learning, smartphone sensing, rf sensors and systems
  • Chun-Hung Liu
    Wireless communication and networking, machine learning and its applications, stochastic geometry and random graph theory, network control and optimization, signal processing for wireless communications
  • Yu Luo
    Wireless/underwater communications and networking, renewable energy powered internet of things, cybersecurity
  • Vuk Marojevic
    Software-defined radio, spectrum sharing, resource management, wireless security, vehicular communications, wireless testbeds and testing, engineering education