As a prospective student, you will very likely want to consider applying for scholarships. Scholarships for ECE students are available from primarily three different sources:

  • University scholarships
  • Bagley College of Engineering (BCOE) scholarships
  • ECE Departmental Scholarships
  • Phi Theta Kappa scholarships
  • Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics (CSEM) scholarships are also available for students transferring from community colleges and are awarded based on merit and need.

Numerous undergraduate scholarships are listed by name in the MSU Bulletin; however, it is not necessary to apply for one or more of these by name. By completing the University scholarship application, you will be applying for all University and BCOE scholarships for which you are eligible. Because all ECE students are considered for these awards, there is no separate ECE Departmental Scholarship application.


Financial support in the form of teaching and research assistantships and fellowships is available within the department on a competitive basis. We do not have any formal deadlines or an application process, nor does the department accept any application forms for financial aid.

The department awards teaching assistantships (TAs) based on the needs for the classes we are teaching, matching students with appropriate backgrounds to particular classes. We automatically consider all incoming students for TA funding; however, please be aware that priority for TA positions naturally goes to doctoral students. Note also that international students cannot start TA positions in the Spring semester due to certain certification processes required by the university being offered only prior to the start of Fall semester.

Research assistantships (RAs) are decided by individual faculty members based on their availability of research funding. Most faculty like to observe a student in class for one or more semesters before making an RA offer, although some may extend an offer to exceptionally qualified students before their arrival on campus. In either case, you will need to contact professors in your area research directly about potential RA positions.

Note that both TA and RA positions come with a waiver of tuition; however, the university does not permit tuition to be waived for a student not holding a TA or RA position.

Any graduate student being employed as a Graduate Assistant may not be employed more than one-half time (20 hours per week) total employment by the University as a whole. Any student so employed must notify all departments involved before accepting such employment by more than one department within or outside of the College of Engineering. Any student paid less than $600.00 per month is paid on a wages basis and not considered a graduate appointment.

Financial support will not be available to students who are admitted on provisional basis or to students who are on probation (overall GPA below 3.0). In addition, support is subject to removal for graduate students with grades below B on any of the courses.