Research Overview

Most research in the Department is supported by government agencies or industries. Research expenditures within the ECE Department exceeds $12 million per year. Research facilities include the High Voltage Laboratory (HVL), a unique facility housed in the department, which is the largest HVL facility among North American universities. Other MSU research facilities are closely affiliated with the ECE Department include the Geosystems Research Institute (GRI), the Center for Advanced Vehicular System (CAVS), and the Distributed Analytics and Security Institute (DASI). The mission of the research units at Mississippi State University is to provide an interdisciplinary research and learning environment.The units have established a tradition of excellence at Mississippi State University and across the nation. Take a look at what all we have to offer our students.


Some research projects are in conjunction with MSU research centers, such as the following.

Electrical and computer researchers are also actively working with scientists and engineers at other universities and in industry. Graduate students are actively involved in the research of the department.