ECE Design Winners

Senior Design

The Senior Design course is taken by students who have completed all other coursework in ECE and are planning to graduate and move on in their engineering journeys, including graduate school, military, and industry positions.

Students work in teams to utilize knowledge and skills acquired in earlier course work and incorporating appropriate engineering standards and multiple realistic constraints, such as economic, environmental, social, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability, and sustainability. Students fabricate their designs, test and evaluate the designs against specifications, and must demonstrate a fully functional project at the completion of the course.

1st Place: Quicket System

Team: Drew Mohundro, Alex Bigej, Preston May, Carol Pollard, Garrett Smith

2nd Place: Smart Outlets

Team: Ryan Shoemake, Thomas Golson, Kumar Zaveri, Carvey Magee, Eric Dunaway

Team: Michael Newman, Easton Van Every, Randy Townsend, Khoa Pham, Dustin Weathers

Intro to ECE Design II

The Intro to ECE Design II class is generally taken by our ECE students in their second term at MSU. These students spend a semester working through the design process to complete a prototype of their own team design using an Arduino and a set of sensors.

1st Place: Team 44 – Automatic Nurturing Terrarium (ANT)

Team: Joseph Miller, Dylan Johnson, Han Berdiyev, Isaac Martinolich, Timothy Barnette

2nd Place: Team 22 – Easy-Fill

Team: Charles Clark, Joseph Coker, Daniel Dubois, John Paul Arnoult, Gurjyot Singh

3rd Place: Team 25 – Cool Cat

Team: Conner Bell, George Willis, Jaydon Haymon, Nathaniel Possel