ECE Spring 2022 Design Showcase

April 27, 2022

ECE’s Design Showcase will be held in Simrall Hall, April 28 from 2:30-4:00 PM. 51 student teams will present and demonstrate the designs that they have been working on this semester and for some this academic year.

Designs come from our Intro to ECE Design 2 class and Capstone (Senior) Design I and II. The Intro to ECE Design 2 class consists of our first year students while Capstone Design (formerly Senior Design) is a year long design sequence in the curriculum where teams develop and then refine their designs over the year.

Please join us to see their creativity, talents, and knowledge shine.

We will also Facebook Live (@ecemsstate) our Design Awards at 4:30 Central time.

Please check out Spring 2022 Design Showcase for all Design teams and project descriptions.

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