ECE Mentor Student Spotlight: Cooper Robertson

March 22, 2024

ECE Mentor Spotlight

Cooper Robertson

Major: Computer Engineering

Classification: Senior

Hometown: Hernando, Mississippi



What is your favorite part about being a mentor for MSU’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering?
I am a very social and extroverted person and henceforth enjoy conversing and meeting new people. By being a mentor, it’s like my education made a full circle. I started in foundations and loved my mentor, and now that I am in my final semester, I get to be that same person for a new set of students.

What makes Electrical and Computer Engineering at Mississippi State a good choice for potential students?
Mississippi State University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department is an excellent choice for students looking for a challenging yet overall unforgettable experience. The prime experience has been the people. The faculty of the ECE department are always there to assist you through your academic journey, and the students are always ready to have a good time in the student lounge while also keeping up with studies. I would definitely recommend the program due to the unforgettable moments, constant laughter with friends, and the challenging yet engaging nature of the department.

What ECE class has been your favorite class and why?
My favorite class in ECE was Digital System Design. I really enjoyed that it was a smaller class so there was more interaction during the class time. I also really enjoyed delving more into the higher-level process of hardware programming and FPGA development.

What is your favorite part about being an ECE major?
My favorite part about being an ECE major is all the people and connections I have made. I have truly enjoyed meeting all my professors, advisors, and classmates. I have greatly enjoyed the times spent in the lounge doing late night study sessions with our coffee. It truly has been a great experience.

What are some activities or experiences that you have had as part of your major and at MSU?
Some of my activities from my time include the following: Senator of the Shakouls Honor’s College for Student Association, Appropriations Committee Member for Student Association, Financial Director for TrebullDawgs A Cappella, Historian for the Filipino Student Association, Marketing Director for Spanish Club, Study Abroad in the University of Alcala in Spain, Cantare Choral Ensemble, Interned at International Paper, National Spanish Honor Society


The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Mississippi State University consists of 27 faculty members (including seven endowed professors), seven professional staff, and over 700 undergraduate and graduate students, with approximately 100 being at the Ph.D. level. With a research expenditure of over $14.24 million, the department houses the largest High Voltage Laboratory among North American universities.