ECE Research Seminar (Virtual Event*) – November 18 12:30 pm

November 14, 2022

ECE Research Seminar (Virtual Event*)

November 18, Friday, 12:30 – 1:30 pm

AERPAW: Aerial Experimentation and Research Platform for Advanced Wireless

Vuk Marojevic |

Abstract: The wireless era is new in the history of the modern world, with unprecedented bandwidths and ubiquitous mobility unleashing new applications and capabilities. Revolution of so many things connected wirelessly in a way never done before allows technologies such as driverless cars, virtual and augmented reality, and massive Internet of things moving into reality. Major new use cases for advanced wireless technologies, once thought to be science fiction, are emerging in the unmanned aerial systems (UASs) spaces. Use cases such as package delivery and infrastructure support require wireless connectivity. This talk will introduce critical research problems and opportunities for 3D wireless connectivity and present the AERPAW testbed for enabling advanced wireless research, development, and at scale experimentation with aerial vehicles. The talk will cover the testbed architecture, initial experimental result, and the development challenges for offering user services on an expandable platform for next generation wireless network and application testing. The core radio technologies of AERPAW are 4G/5G, radio sensors, and software radios.

Dr. Vuk Marojevic is an Associate Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS, USA. He graduated from University of Hannover, Germany, and Barcelona Tech (UPC), Spain, with an MS and a Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering. He is a principal investigator of the US National Science Foundation (NSF) projects AERPAW and Open Artificial Intelligence Cellular (OAIC). His research interests include mobile communications, software radio, spectrum sharing, wireless testbeds and testing, and wireless security with application to mission-critical communications, open radio access network (O-RAN), and unmanned aircraft systems. He is an associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology and the IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine. Dr. Marojevic is an expert in open-source software for software radios. He was one of the first to undertake the complex endeavor to implement the 4G cellular protocol in software, make the software open and operational with commercial off-the-shelf software radio hardware. He has managed large-scale wireless research testbeds and co-designed AERPAW. He is now leading a multi-university US NSF project that is developing OAIC: Prototyping Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Control and Testing Systems for Cellular Communications Research. The team has released the first open-source O-RAN compliant code for implementing 4G/5G systems that incorporate the near-real time RAN intelligent controller for deployment on software radio platforms:

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