Electronics I students: Process for registration release

September 14, 2023

Electronics I: Faculty Professional Interview and Advising for Fall

ECE advisors will provide packets of information to students enrolled in Electronics I in class on February 15th. If you are not in class that day, please stop by Simrall 135 to pick up your packet.

In order to be released and register for Summer and Fall classes, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Watch video about Faculty Professional Interview and Spring Advising.

These additional videos may also be helpful:

Computer Engineering Electives

Electrical Engineering Electives

Graduate School and the Accelerated Program

FE Exam information

Step 2: Meet with a faculty member for Faculty Professional Interview (in group session or by scheduling appointment with faculty member) and complete the Faculty Professional Interview side of the handout with the faculty member.

Step 3: Complete the Student Curriculum Plan handout after your faculty session by referring to your flowchart, your remaining classes, and needed prerequisites. Write out your plan.

Step 4: If Design I eligible, attend one of the Pre-Design Meetings. See requirements for Design I.

Step 5: Turn in completed packet to Simrall 135 to Alison (CPE) or Kylie (EE) for registration release.

Step 6: Complete your registration checklist, use registration notes (from your release email from Office of the Registrar), and register during your assigned registration time period.

Still have questions about advising? Make an appointment with your advisor: Alison (CPE) or Kylie (EE)


Faculty Professional Interview Group Sessions in Simrall 135


Additional group sessions may be added.


See Design I requirements on the Student Curriculum Plan Handout and review your timeline and credit hours. Handout in class February 15th.