Distance Education


The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Mississippi State University offers graduate programs of study leading to the Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). In essence, the distance degrees are operated identically to their on-campus counterparts; distance students simply participate in the distance-campus sections of the classes they are taking. In particular, the admission requirements and the degree requirements are the same as for the on-campus program (see Information for Prospective Students).

Courses by Distance

Courses use a variety of technologies to deliver course content to distance students, including websites, streaming video, and interactive video conferencing. Department-approved proctors may be required to administer examinations to distance students; such examinations include course exams as well as others such as the doctoral qualifying examination. Oral examinations (e.g., oral preliminary examination, thesis/dissertation defense) may be conducted via on-campus visit by the student, interactive video conferencing, or some method subject to the approval of the student’s graduate committee and the graduate program director.

Refer to the ECE Graduate Handbook for a list of graduate courses approved for distance education.

Research by Distance

Students enrolled in graduate programs offered via distance learning and requiring a thesis or dissertation must meet established research requirements which include the completion of ECE 8000 and ECE 9000 hours. Distance students engaged in research will be provided the same student-support services given to on-campus students, including access to Library resources, as well as thesis and dissertation workshops. Distance students may conduct thesis/dissertation research within on-campus research facilities, or, if appropriate, through remote access to on-campus systems. Alternatively, research may be conducted at an off-campus site such as the student’s place of employment, if appropriate.


Refer to the Bagley College of Engineering for up-to-date information on distance-education tuition and fees.