Ph.D. Qualifier

New Policy on Ph.D. Qualifier

Effective Fall 2021, the ECE coursework-based Ph.D. qualifier requires a Ph.D. student to earn a 3.5 GPA on the first 18 credit hours of ECE graduate coursework (at least 50% of credit hours must be at 8000-level). DIS courses are not considered for Ph.D. qualifier. Full-time students are required to pass the qualifier by the end of the second year of doctoral enrollment.

For Ph.D. students with their doctoral enrollment before Fall 2021, they are considered "qualified" by either passing the written qualifying exam in old policy or satisfying the new coursework-based policy. Otherwise, they are required to have a minimum of four A's on ECE graduate courses (at least two at the 8000-level, DIS excluded) in their transcript by Spring 2022 for full-time students, or with the consideration of the next 10 credit hours starting Fall 2021 for part-time students.

For questions about the old policy, please contact the Graduate Coordinator.