IMPRESS LAB Research Seminar – January 23 at 10 am

January 19, 2023

Enabling Space Exploration by Autonomous  Smart Microwave Radiometers Onboard Small Satellites

Dr. Mehmet Ogut

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

January 23, 2023, at 10 am in Simrall Hall 104

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Abstract: This talk will focus on the development of next-generation microwave and millimeter-wave remote sensing instruments, including ultra-wideband spectro-radiometers, high-frequency THz range receivers, autonomous smart remote-sensors, and low-noise wideband photonic radiometers. It will also discuss novel techniques for instrument calibration, including THz range receiver calibration methods and Artificial Intelligence. The application of these advanced techniques and technology in planetary and Earth remote sensing will be discussed.

Biographical Notes: Mehmet Ogut received his B.S. degree in electrical and electronics engineering from Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey (2007-2011), M.S degree in electrical engineering from the George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA (2011-2013), and Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Colorado State University (CSU), Fort Collins, CO, USA (2015-2018).

He is currently working as a technologist in the Microwave Instrument Science Group at NASA/Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, USA. He is the CO-I and JPL lead of Ultra-Wideband Photonic Spectrometer for Planetary Boundary Layer Sensing funded under NASA Earth Science Technology Office (ESTO) Advanced Component Technology (ACT-20), the CO-I of Smart Ice Cloud Sensing (SMICES) high-frequency radiometer (250-670 GHz), sounder (380 GHz) and radar (240 GHz) awarded under NASA ESTO IIP-19, the CO-I of Compact Fire Infrared Radiance Spectral Tracker (c-FIRST) funded by NASA ESTO IIP-21, the CO-I of the Ultra-Wide RF ACT-22 project and the instrument lead for ultra-wideband spectro-radiometer lunar instrument as a part of DALI (Development and Advancement of Lunar Instrumentation) project. He is the recipient of the 2023 best paper award from IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology. His expertise is design, testing, calibration, and analysis of microwave and millimeter-wave radar/radiometer instruments, developing innovative concepts in radiometry and artificial intelligence and photonic applications in remote sensing.

For further information, contact: Mehmet Kurum | | 662.325.2148