Winter and Spring 2022 Course override instructions

October 21, 2021

Registration for Winter and Spring classes is beginning.

It is always worth the effort to ask for an override for a course you need.

For courses in other departments you will need to contact the department that offers the class to request an override.
Please also note, that the processing of overrides is a manual one. It may take some time. You can follow up on a request after an appropriate wait time. For example, I typically don’t process overrides until I get a large batch of them for a particular class. Also, with the online set up for some classes, there are some behind the scenes Banner issues that will have to be resolved before capacity overrides can be processed.


Most Common Types of Overrides:

Class Capacity – the seats available in Banner are 0.

Pre-requisite – you have taken the pre-req course but it is not in your transcript or was a substituted course (ex. Calculus that was 4 credit hours instead of 3)

Repeat – You have taken a course before and wish to retake without using academic forgiveness.


How to request an override:

Contact the department that owns the course (see below)

If emailing, include the following information:

Your NetID/MSU ID (ex. hp1999, 903464133)

Course Information (ex. EM 2413 01 Eng. Mechanics I  *** remember to include section number(s)

Type of Override needed (ex. Pre-req override)

Term (Winter or Spring)


Contacts for common departments:

For ECE overrides, please use this form.

Aerospace Engineering

Computer Science

Mechanical Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Math – email

Physics – Email Ms. Galloway (

Contacts for other disciplines are linked here.


For an individual appointment with Kylie, book on this link –