ECE Alumnus Novosel Recognized for Service

July 22, 2022

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering alumnus Damir Novosel has been awarded IEEE Power & Energy Society’s Patrick P. Ryan Meritorious Service Award.

The award, which recognizes contributions in leadership, global inclusion, membership growth, and technical and leadership activities, recognizes Novosel’s continued impact with IEEE and in the industry.

Novosel has served IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) in many leadership roles, including President, Chair of the Technical Council, and Vice President of Technical Activities. He also facilitated industry engagement at global conferences, formed the IEEE PES Industry Technical Support Leadership Committee, and established the successful PES Corporate Engagement Program. Novosel also helped with the establishment of the Executive Advisory Council that includes senior leadership of major power companies.

“I am very honored to receive this recognition, especially since it comes from my peers. My peers taught me that working together with your colleagues makes you more successful and that sharing credit with your colleagues makes you stronger,” Novosel said. “So, this award needs to be shared with my colleagues, both at companies that I worked for and at volunteering organizations, such as IEEE. Every single accomplishment was done in collaboration with a number of people, too many to name.”

Novosel also acknowledges his mentors from Mississippi State University for their direction when he was a student, notably Drs. Roger King and Stan Grzybowski.

“I am grateful for their comradery and guidance and hope that I am continuing to set the good example they did for me for the next generation,” Novosel noted. “As a student, I realized that one can accomplish much more by working with colleagues. For example, my mentor at Mississippi State University, Dr. Roger King, encouraged his students to share our research results that helped us to be more innovative and efficient.”

Novosel said the electrical power industry has an important role in achieving a clean environment and affordable electricity, and he noted service in the field encompasses many areas and offers a variety of opportunities.

“Our industry offers a great place to work as there are lots of exciting, rewarding avenues of work to be accomplished and opportunities to try while building a successful career,” he said. “The key to success is to continue to be curious and passionate about the work you do, as well as to be proactive, not only at work but also at professional organizations such as IEEE and CIGRE.”

In addition to becoming engaged in professional organizations, he also encourages students to collaborate and value teamwork.

“My definition of teamwork, which is wanting and helping your colleagues to succeed, has been a guiding principle in my career and has helped my colleagues and me build industry leading teams. As we are all different, it is important to value various sets of skills, experiences, and methods. Learning from each other and respecting our diversity in contributions and approaches makes all of us better,” he said.

Novosel has over 40 years of experience, and he is president and founder of Quanta Technology. He previously served as president of Quanta Energized Services, was vice president of ABB Automation Products and president of KEMA T&D US. In addition to his IEEE PES service, some other accomplishments include being an IEEE Fellow, being elected to the National Academy of Engineers, and membership with the CIGRE US National Committee. Novosel holds 17 patents in the United States and internationally, and he has also authored or coauthored more than 100 articles in transactions, journals, and proceedings and contributed to four books.

Novosel earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Tuzla and his master’s degree from the University of Zagreb. He holds his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Mississippi State University and was a Fulbright scholar.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Mississippi State University consists of 27 faculty members (including 6 endowed professors), 7 professional staff, and over 700 undergraduate and graduate students with approximately 100 being at the Ph.D. level. With research expenditure of the department in excess of $11.94 million, the department houses the largest High Voltage Laboratory among North American universities.