ECE Faculty Leading a Multi-Institutional Team on RF Spectrum Coexistence

October 28, 2020

Drs. Vuk Marojevic, Mehmet Kurum, and Ali Gurbuz, Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department professors at Mississippi State University (MSU), are part of the multi-institutional team that was recently awarded $900K by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under the Spectrum and Wireless Innovation enabled by Future Technologies (SWIFT) program to investigate an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based cross-layer approach (across the application, medium access control and physical layers) to facilitate radio frequency (RF) spectrum coexistence between active and passive users.

The multi-institutional team includes MSU as the lead institution, University at Buffalo, and Northern Arizona University. The MSU share of the total award is $500K with Dr. Marojevic as the Lead Principal Investigator (PI). The team will also collaborate with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on verification and validation of the research with Dr. Kurum as the liaison.

“RF spectrum is an indispensable resource not only for enabling wireless communications, but also for Earth and space exploration, and other essential services such as weather forecast. We formed an interdisciplinary research team to analyze the interference resulting from the increasing amount of wireless services, which 5G technology enables, and to investigate new methods for protecting natural RF signal sensing,” stated Dr. Marojevic, Associate Professor in ECE.

“The SWIFT program is one of the most competitive programs at the NSF. To receive an award from the program being a lead institution is even more remarkable. All of us at ECE are excited about this project,” said Dr. Khan, the ECE Department Head.

The official award announcement and public abstract can be obtained from the NSF webpage.

For more information about Dr. Marojevic, please visit his webpage.

For more information about Drs. Kurum and Gurbuz, please visit the IMPRESS Lab webpage. Additional information about Dr. Ali Gurbuz can also be obtained from his webpage.