ECE Graduate Students Received 2023 SSCET Conference Research Poster Awards

October 4, 2023

Timothy Sellers

Two graduate students in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering recently received recognition for their outstanding work in the research poster competition at the 2023 Southeast Symposium on Contemporary Engineering Topics (SSCET) Conference and Arkansas Engineering Forum.

Ph.D. student Timothy Sellers secured the first-place award for his presentation “A Multi-Robot Graph-Based Emission Monitoring System for Power Plants,” while Ph.D. student Tingjun Lei received third place for his presentation “Enhancing Autonomous Inspections of Power Plants: A Human-Autonomous Team Approach with Information Path Planning.” Both students are under the mentorship of ECE Associate Professor Chaomin Luo.

Sellers and Lei said the symposium provided opportunities to delve deeper into their research on autonomous systems and their impact on various sectors of society, which will ultimately contribute to improving robotics and artificial intelligence inspection techniques.

Sellers said, “In my work, we’ve developed a heterogeneous autonomous robot system that addresses the numerous challenges faced in nuclear power plants, including complex layout determination and navigation within multi-field path planning. Our simulations and comparative studies have validated the efficiency of our proposed model in contributing to the sustainable operation of nuclear power plants, while ensuring the safety of both personnel and the environment.”

He also emphasized how working with Dr. Luo had expanded his knowledge and skills, highlighting the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration among graduate students.

“As a graduate student, it is crucial to learn from researchers in various fields. Our discussions with Professor Luo and other faculty have been instrumental in creating a solid research foundation,” Sellers noted.

Tingjun Lei

Lei also expressed his gratitude for Luo’s guidance and support, stating, “I would like to extend my sincere thanks to my major professor, Dr. Chaomin Luo, for his unwavering guidance and encouragement. Dr. Luo’s passion for research has been a tremendous source of inspiration for me, driving me to conduct innovative research and make steady progress in my work. His mentorship has honed my abilities in various facets, and he has consistently supported my participation in conferences to present my papers and engage with fellow researchers.”

Lei’s presentation focused on Human-Autonomous Team (HAT)-based Information Path Planning (IPP), which aims to address the challenges of exploring hazardous environments.

“This approach empowers autonomous inspection robots to operate more effectively in such environments. Our proposed information path planning method, rooted in multi-objective optimization, equips the robot to explore the environment while prioritizing frequent visits to high-interest sites,” Lei explained.

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