ECE Students Awarded for Paper Presentation

July 29, 2022

Two Mississippi State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) graduate students received an award at the Thirteenth International Conference on Swarm Intelligence (ICSI).

Tingjun Lei and Timothy Sellers’s paper, “A Bio-Inspired Neural Network Approach to Robot Navigation and Mapping with Nature-Inspired Algorithms” has been granted the Invited Best Student Paper Presentation Award. Advised by ECE Associate Professor Dr. Chaomin Luo, Lei and Sellers’s research focuses on the navigation and mapping of robotics, as well as autonomous systems by swarm and evolutionary intelligence algorithms. The winning paper is published by Springer Nature Switzerland as part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series.

As the flagship conference for International Association of Swarm and Evolutionary Intelligence, the Thirteenth International Conference on Swarm Intelligence (ICSI 2022) serves as a leading opportunity for universities, researchers, and other practitioners in the field. Participants share the most current information and research. They exchanged the latest advantages in theories, technologies, and applications of swarm and evolutionary intelligence, as well as related areas such as AI-driven swarm intelligence.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Mississippi State University consists of 27 faculty members (including 6 endowed professors), 7 professional staff, and over 700 undergraduate and graduate students with approximately 100 being at the Ph.D. level. With research expenditure of the department in excess of $11.94 million, the department houses the largest High Voltage Laboratory among North American universities.