Join Us Virtually For ECE Senior Design Showcase

April 26, 2021

The ECE department will live stream ECE’s annual senior design showcase on the ECE Facebook and Instagram page. Please join on on April 27 3-4 pm and April 28 12-2 pm central time to see demonstrations and ask questions of our senior design students.

To give some estimated times for team demos:


Tuesday, April 27

Smart Cornhole
Team Members: Taylor Brent, Parker Butler, Khalil Markham, Chirantan Sen, Jeremy Grace
Project Advisor(s): Dr. Mehmet Kurum
Project Description: Smart Cornhole is a cornhole game attachment that will calculate and keep track of the score for you! It eliminates all the mental math that goes along with playing the game.
Course: Senior Design I
Estimated start time: 3:00

Rep Control
Team Members: Melika Keyes and Rob Bruton
Project Advisor(s): Dr. Samee Khan
Project Description: Rep Control is a terrarium controller designed to provide captive reptiles with comfortable and ideal habitat parameters. It is capable of controlling heat, humidity, and lighting, with proportional power control for various heat sources and dimmable lighting.
Course: Senior Design I
Estimated start time: 3:15

Germicidal Lighting

Team Members: John Crowson, Seth Sherrill, Eli Lawrence, Daniel Darwin
Project Advisor(s): Dr. Chaomin Luo
Project Description: Our team set out to create a device that would not only ease the burden on schools, businesses, and more to clean to higher standards during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also to do so at lower costs and with greater quality of life features. Our product, Germ-C, uses germicidal lighting (ultraviolet light) to quickly and effectively disinfect entire rooms at once at the push of a button.
Course: Senior Design II
Estimated start time: 3:30

Team Members: Andrew Hoggatt, Tyler Landrum, Caleb Avin, Ronnie Burns, Tristan Shaw
Project Advisor(s): Dr. Ryan Green
Project Description: The Trailer Tow Module Screen is a detachable bumper sticker and parking decal replacement. Through the use of a 7 inch screen attached to the tow hitch of your vehicle,  the TTMS is able to show any image the user puts onto a microSD card. This solution let’s the customer be highly customizable in what image they want to show on their vehicle, and doesn’t damage the vehicles paint like bumper sticker have the chance to do.
Course: Senior Design I
Estimated start time: 3:45


Wednesday, April 28

Composites Autoclave
Team Members: Cameron Ellis, Brian Remond, Jonathan Cruz, Jake Frommeyer, Daniel Mowery
Project Advisor(s): Dr. Randy Follett, Mr. Calvin Walker
Project Description: We have built a large scale composites autoclave used for the curing of composites parts
Course: Senior Design II
Estimated start time: 12:00

The Relay Bros
Team Members: Fisher Warren, Hunter Canady, Brandon Triplett, Michael Witt, Azzam Algoraee
Project Advisor(s): Dr. Park
Project Description: Our project is a portable security system that can be set up in 5 minutes or less for outdoor businesses and enthusiasts.
Course: Senior Design I
Estimated start time: 12:15

Collect ‘Em All
Team Members: Summer Barton, Roselynn Nelson, Zack McMullan, Zach Boykin, Brandon Birmingham
Project Advisor(s): Dr. Randy Follett
Project Description: Collect ‘Em All is a trading card collection device that acts as a virtual safe for expensive and valuable trading cards.
Course: Senior Design I
Estimated start time: 12:30

Team Members: Aleasha Godbolt, Yasin Simpson, Anthony Lee, Tyler Woodberry, Rashad Williams
Project Advisor(s): Dr. Ali Gurbuz
Project Description: Motor controlled oven shutdown
Course: Senior Design I
Estimated start time: 12:45

Team Members: Yi Chen, Erik Chen, Vince Chau, Emily Nguyen, Sage Pellinen
Project Advisor(s): Dr. Yu Luo​
Project Description: Trash-Away has 4 subsystems which are the auto-lock, UV-C lighting, phone application, and Sensors. Trash-Away is a trash conditioner that can eliminate the spread of germs and bacteria using the UV-C lighting. Trash-Away have a phone application that notify the user or custodian when the trash is full to prevent overfilling. The auto-lock system lock itself when it is full so the trash bags won’t tear. Sensors are place to prevent the user exposer to the UV-C light. There are also sensors to determine the capacity of the trash container.
Course: Senior Design I
Estimated start time: 1:00

Power Ohm-Bres
Team Members: Chad Swinney, Kyle Jones, Ryan Perryman, Chase Clark, Colton Guillotte
Project Advisor(s): Dr. Ryan Green
The Autonomous Gardening Cart follows the user via Bluetooth of an Android device and has a built-in lift for easy access of loading gardening supplies from a truck bed.
Course: Senior Design I
Estimated start time: 1:15

Trap 360o
Team Members: Kyle Cupit, Alex Felder, Jaden Clark, Hayden Hoxie, Dylan Fanning
Project Advisor(s): Dr. Yu Luo
Project Description: Trap 360 is the first-ever full 360-degree game camera. This camera is perfect for every day outdoor enthusiasts. Trap 360 will capture full 360-degree images and send the image to the owner’s device of choice. Trap 360 has a solar-charged battery system which allows Trap 360 to operate for months at a time. Trap 360 destroys the competition.
Course: Senior Design II
Estimated start time: 1:30

Smart Outlet
Team Members: Ryan Shoemake, Thomas Golson, Kumar Zaveri, Carvey Magee, Eric Dunaway
Project Advisor(s): Dr. Ryan Green
Project Description: Our Smart Outlet provides smart access control to power outlet. Only authorized users can have access to the outlet and operate the device.
Course: Senior Design II
Estimated start time: 1:45


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