Zhao receives recognition from IEEE

December 22, 2021

Junbo Zhao, an assistant professor of Mississippi State University’s Department Electrical and Computer Engineering, continues to receive accolades for his work in the field.

Zhao, serving as chair of the IEEE Task Force on Power System Dynamic State and Parameter Estimation, was recognized as part of the IEEE group that earned the IEEE Power and Energy Society’s Technical Committee Working Group Recognition Award for Outstanding Technical Report. The award is in recognition of outstanding performance in the development of a report that impacts the power and energy community. The committee’s report is titled “Power System Dynamic State and Parameter Estimation-Transition to Power Electronics-Dominated Clean Energy Systems,” and more information on the report and authors may be found here.

In addition to the working group’s technical report recognition, Zhao also served as first author on the paper “Power System Dynamic State Estimation: Motivations, Definitions, Methodologies and Future Work,” which received the Best Paper Award from IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, the flagship journal in the power and energy field. The paper, which includes eleven additional authors, discusses the task force’s investigation on the added benefits of dynamic state and parameter estimation for the reliability, security, and resilience of electric power systems. Full details are available here.

Zhao earned a bachelor’s degree in electronic science and technology form Jiatong University in 2012, and he earned his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech in 2018. His research interests include power system dynamics and stability with high penetration of renewable energy as well as cyber-physical power system modeling, state/parameter estimation, security assessment and protection.

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