Peng Wins MSU Graduate Student Research Award

November 1, 2021


Ms. Yehong Peng, ECPE Ph.D student was awarded the first prize in the engineering category for her poster presentation in the 2021 MSU Graduate Student Research Symposium for her presentation titled, “Smart Partitioning based Fully Distributed AC Optimal Power Flow.” 

Peng describes her research as the optimization of bulk power systems operation. As today’s power system is becoming more diverse and integrated with high-level distributed energy resources and advanced control technologies, the decision-making of power system operation becomes more challenging in terms of large-scale, nonlinear, and non-convex problem modeling, complex and time-consuming computation, as well as difficult uncertainty handling. Her work proposed to solve an AC optimal power flow problem using distributed computing techniques, which includes a weighted normalized spectral clustering based network partitioning algorithm and a distributed nonlinear optimization algorithm. The proposed method can conduct an online network partitioning for large-scale power system and archive a fast and optimal power flow solution in the parallel computing platform.

Peng expressed appreciation to all the people who have ever helped her and especially, to her advisor, Dr. Yong Fu, for his guidance and encouragement.

Congratulations Yehong Peng!

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