Periscope Lab Outreach

Toy Adaptation

ECE Toy Adaptation Program

The ECE Toy Adaptation Program experience creates an opportunity to teach concepts such as reverse engineering (e.g., deconstructing an object to duplicate or enhance its function), universal design (e.g., designing to enhance accessibility), the use of basic hand tools (e.g., use of screwdrivers, files, drills), and engineering technical skills (e.g., soldering, circuitry). At the time when engineering students are taking introductory courses such as calculus and chemistry, the toy adaptation experience shows students an application of their engineering knowledge that has a direct benefit to their community, which is beneficial in retaining underrepresented students.

2018 Inclusion through Innovations Award from the Office of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion at Mississippi State

Honorable Mention in the Community-Engaged Teaching and Learning category of MSU’s 2020 Community Engagement Awards