B.S. in Computer Engineering

This program is offered through the joint efforts of the faculty in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Internal Transfer Requirements for Computer Engineering

Students attending Mississippi State University wishing to change their major to Computer Engineering must meet the following minimum requirements for internal transfer:

  • meet engineering Freshman requirements, or
  • have an overall C average on all hours scheduled and rescheduled at all institutions attended, including MSU (2.00 or better Cumulative GPA, 2.00 or better MSU GPA), and
  • have passed each of the following three courses (or their equivalents), each with a minimum grade of C:
    • CH 1213 Fundamentals of Chemistry
    • EN 1103 English Composition I
    • MA 1713 Calculus I

For more information:
Kylie Crosland
Undergraduate Coordinator
218 Simrall Engineering Building