ECE Graduate Student Receives BCoE Graduate Research Award

March 23, 2021

Dylan Boyd, a PhD candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), was recently named the Bagley College of Engineering and Office of Research and Development (ORED) Graduate Student award winner. The Research Awards Program is designed to honor those individuals who contribute significantly to the University’s mission of research; to recognize and reward students, faculty, and support staff for their accomplishments in research and creative endeavors; and to increase awareness of MSU research programs and capabilities. Dylan, who also earned his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at MSU, will be recognized by ORED at an event later this year.

Dylan is researching signals of opportunity for remote sensing. “You can think of it as recycling satellite-transmitted signals for science,” said the Meridian native. “For example, we’ve done a lot of research that shows how GPS measurements change based on the amount of water in soil and vegetation. I’m excited to see if we can use combinations of signals to see water content deeper into earth!”

Dylan works closely with lead researcher, Dr. Mehmet Kurum. The ECE associate professor speaks highly of Dylan and his research. “I am proud to see that Dylan exemplifies the spirit of excellence in research at MSU.” He continued, “Dylan is highly motivated and a great researcher as evident from publication of a large number of papers, his fervent dedication despite research challenges, his willingness to go beyond what is expected to produce quality research, his tremendous networking capabilities with external research institutions, and his willingness to work across multiple disciplines to advance MSU’s research.”

After graduation, Dylan hopes to pursue postdoctoral research to continue the current work with signals of opportunity. “There’s a lot of potential for this technique that’s waiting to be uncovered.” If he is unable to continue this research, he says hopes he can be useful in combining machine learning and microwave modeling in a research laboratory.

Dylan was also recently selected as one of the ECE department’s Best Graduate Researcher, which is selected by a committee of ECE faculty members.

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